Sunday, December 07, 2008

That time of year again! (West Coast)

I am into the full swing of the holidays around here. Eggnog's out, tree is up, handmade gifts are being finished up. I think I have just two gifts to finish up, and that should go pretty quickly.

The only thing that is not cooperating with my holiday happiness is the weather. We have had perfectly beautiful California weather. But I am waiting for a winter storm to come through. We have had no real measurable rain, no snow in the Sierra's. It still feels like the ending of summer. It has cooled down quite a bit at night, but our days are sunny and nice. We have a trip planned to go up to the mountains in a few weeks to go sledding, but unless we get a storm to come through, we won't be doing much sledding.

Holiday cards prep area. Holiday Hedgehogs been my big seller this season. I have been selling these cards in our Lucky Bee Press Etsy shop. I have had to do one reprint so far. I hope I printed enough for the rest of the season!

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Queen Bee Amy said...

Your handmade stash is fantastic. I wish my pile was bigger.

I am envious of your warm weather. Right now we have a winter storm advisory. Freezing rain tonight, followed by 6-12 inches tomorrow. Maybe I need to start looking for a plane ticket to Cali. :)