Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thriftactular (Midwest)

I had the opportunity to go into a couple of Antique Shops sans kids the other day and actually scored. I don't usually have Thrifting Karma, or Garage Sale Karma for that matter. But I was lucky this time. I found a bundle of fabrics for $1. There were some flannels (a yard or two of three different patterns) and these scraps. About 1/4 yard of each. I've been wanting to start some sewing projects from one of the Japanese Craft books Joey got me for Christmas (I'll post images from those soon). These will do. Also, I got a peanut butter jar full of buttons. Lots of flowers and colored buttons. I had the girls scrub them clean with toothbrushes. This was a fun project for them not a chore, thankfully. Any suggestions for good button projects?

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Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

Lovely score! I wish I had better luck out this way... One of these days I will hit the motherload.