Monday, January 29, 2007

Soap Packaging (Midwest)

Look at this, Laurie. These are some of the Boh Bon Soap Co. products that I designed packaging (labels, hangtags) for. Chrissy at BBSC has a natural eye for design. She's been purchasing papers, ribbons and whatnot in which to wrap the products, then applying the labels and hangtags. The textures and patterns of the papers really compliment both the product and packaging. I'm so psyched with how everything looks. I'm linking to her site (which is not quite up yet), because I hope people will go there and try her stuff out. I love it. Right now I'm working on a circular hangtag to add to the packaging line.

More pictures of product...

And a picture of a label. The color is off here, but you can see the design elements.


Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

This packaging looks great! I like the colors and pattern combinations used. Nice work!

FuturePrimitive said...

These are fab. Just found your blog. I have to send some samples to a supermarket here in UK and to an organic (upmarket) farmshop.
I usually just use a label wrapped around my soap, but now I'm worried as it will not be acceptable for a supermarket shelf.
any ideas? i thought I should maybe use cellophane first then wrap the label round, but fancy paper may also be an option.

Queen Bee Amy said...

futureprimitive, you could cut a wrap from kraft paper, newspaper, gift wrap, etc and use that as a band, then affix a sticker/label to that??? If you can find some butcher's paper or freezer paper that might look nice too.

I hope you get a big order!