Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolute (Midwest)

2007. Can you believe it?

I've noticed that in the past my resolutions (or maybe my resolution themes) repeated year after year. Y'know what they are right? Work out, eat better, be more patient with the kids, etc. So obviously, since they made the list again and again, I either neglected to follow through on them or they were unattainable. This year I've decided to make more realistic resolutions. And to limit them to say 3. Here they are:

1. I resolve to make more salads.
2. I resolve to wash my face before I go to bed MORE OFTEN than I do now.
3. I resolve to tidy my desk when it's dirty, if I have time.

That's it. I think this is a list I can feel good about and actually make do on. Laurie, do you have some goals for this year?

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