Monday, January 08, 2007

Done (Midwest)

So I finally finished a knitting project. This should have taken me just a couple of nights. Not when it sits in the knitting bag all lonely with cold needles and limp yarn waiting for somebody to hold it and love it (I know that's sappy). I started it in October. It's from a pattern by Amy Anderson and I used Cascade 220 yarn. I love that yarn. It feels good on the needles and as a finished garment, warm and not scratchy. I had the purple left over from a pair of socks I knitted from the book you gave me, Laurie. I really like the picot detail around the edge of the hat.

Now I'm in need of a good traveling car project for this Friday. Did I tell you I'm going to Chicago for a night and day of eating and shopping WITHOUT MY KIDS? Hoorah! Any fun knitting suggestions? Maybe this should be the weekend to rediscover embroidery? Or crochet? It's funny how 28 hours of potential freedom seems like a week to me.

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Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

I love the boarder on your hat. It really adds such a nice touch. Nice work!

A quick get away... That sounds so nice. Sometimes, that short amount of time away can seem like so much more. Maybe because we can actually do so much more in such a short time without our little fans.

re: knitting projects to take along... I have really gotten into socks lately. They are so portable. Koigu makes some really lovely colors. I seem to spend all my extra fun money at Purl (on line), buying up the yarn. It is fun, quick, and rewarding.