Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Short Term Investment (Midwest)

About 2 hours ago Sam came to me very concerned and said, "Sam's money. Mouth. Need it! Hurts." The next hour was a blur of phone calls to the doctor, a trip to the ER, an xray and in the end lots of stickers for Sam. The xray showed an object that suspiciously resembled a penny passing from his stomach to his intestines. Not a big deal in the world of childhood injury possibilities, but very disturbing none the less. It looked huge on that photo of his little boy insides. He will most likely dispose of it in a day or two.

His sisters were around when it happened. Hannah was worried. Sophie asked "Will I go to jail?". Now, if you read between the lines this is what she really meant,

Will I...
...because it's my fault I gave him another penny from my purse after you took the first one away from him, Mom. He wanted it...
go to jail?

I'm not mad at her. I should've been watching all three of them better. (Mom guilt is setting in.) Rationally, I know it was accidental and can happen even when you are watching them obsessively. But, first the broken leg and now this. Good Lord.

He's crying again. I think we both will head upstairs for a nice RELAXING soak in the tub.


AmberCake said...

Funny. And yes, you can't watch them all the time, and he will think twice the next time he starts to put something in his mouth? Right?

I think this will become one of those Favorite Family Stories.

Devra said...

I want to absolve you of that pesky mommy guilt! Accidents are called that because they are not necessarily preventable nor predictable. If they were, we'd call em "On Purposes".

Take a nice soak in the tub and think about my mother who thought I had ingested a paper clip, took me to the ER, had x-ray's done and was told it "must have passed thru her system". My mother had horrible guilt until two years later. We were in the process of moving out of our apartment and she discovered an entire treasure trove of paper clips, pennies, marbels, pencil erasers, you name it. All behind a desk. Mystery solved about the paper clip! Mommy Guilt absolved too!

Hope the weekend goes well!

Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

Oooh! What a scare! Hang in there Amy! Poor Sam, and poor little Sophie. She must have felt awful! On the upside, now that everyone is ok... In a few years this really will be a funny story!

Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

Thanks for the comforting comments everyone. I'm laughing a little bit more about the whole incident today. My sister Erica says we need to borrow a metal detector to track the penny's progress. Or a magnet. Devra, thanks for your expert advise (I read your blog). Ambercake, I heading to your blog next. -Amy