Monday, January 15, 2007

Chicago (Midwest)

What a great city! Lots to do and see. Easy to get around. Even though it's changed quite a bit since Joey and I lived there in the early 90s it felt like I just left. I loved just being there. Even if I didn't do anything I could just look at the sidewalks, the people, the buildings.

Erica and I arrived at about 4 on Friday and left reluctantly 24 hours later. We shopped, ate, shopped, walked, shopped, ate, shopped and then shopped again. Some of the shopping highlights were Anthropologie and Nordstrom. The weather was almost ok, but plenty of people were bustling about regardless. We stayed at The James. It was suh-weet!

The reading/eating/lounging nook was most excellent (to quote native Chicago Suburbians Wayne and Garth). The beds were so comfortable. The bathroom was sophisticated, modern and stocked with Kiehl's products.

The rooms and halls had fresh flowers and appealing artwork. Here's a picture of the hall from the lobby to the elevators. The suitcases were part of an art installation. Interesting.
This was a trip that was long overdue. To actually spend 24 hours adhering to my own schedule (Erica was so supportive) and not thinking about parenting at all. Refreshing. We will do this again and again.

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