Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Announcement! (Midwest & West Coast)

Introducing Lucky Bee Press!

Laurie and I are finally finding another way to work together. Yippee! We have opened up a joint Etsy shop. We plan to brainstorm, design, discuss, chat, gossip, get sidetracked, focus, chat, design some more, etc. and come up with some paper goody designs. We will print at our respective home offices. Hopefully, having two people producing will enable us to be very active on our Etsy shop. Also, this will be a great excuse to get together more often. I foresee a craft fair adventure in our future.

Here is a look at something I printed last week specifically for Lucky Bee Press. I ran a flower silhouette in red ink on several different paper mediums. I love, love how the hang tags turned out. I have posted them here.

Finally, I wanted to mention to those of you within driving distance to Minneapolis/St. Paul the American Craft Show is coming up April 18 - 20. Folks, this looks like a good one. 200+ vendors! There will be some great demos and raffles, but also there will be a focus on Greencraft. If you want more info go to www.craftcouncil.org/stpaul.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

I love the way the hangtag looks on the old milk bottle.