Friday, April 11, 2008

Freitag (Midwest)

Check it out. We had our first Lucky Bee Treasury over at Etsy! I wasn't expecting that. Thanks go to thebline for posting a Lucky Bee item. It's fun to find another bee lover.

We finally have green grass again. It reminds me that winter is on it's way out (even though I'm hearing snow for tomorrow). I am so ready for bike rides and long walks. I'm also ready to print again. I hope to squeeze a session in today. I have a new block from eBay (I can't stop) that when I opened it up, I wanted to ink it right then and there. I also have some new borders from the type sale last weekend that I may try. Now, when is the question.

Finally, I'm posting a photo of something I ordered a ways back from the fantastic Christa at Letteria. My Mom had a birthday this week (Happy Birthday Mom!) and since she was born and partially raised in Germany when I saw these cards I new they would be a great gift for her. Oh also, check out Christa's flickr page and her blog. Her product shots are amazing. I'm so inspired by her. Danke for the Danke cards, Christa!

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Nice to be seen already! I love the card you bought, I like her work. It looks like old wood type. Pretty neat.