Friday, April 04, 2008

Deadline (Midwest)

It's been a crazy couple of days. I got content on Tuesday evening for a print job that had to be done by Thursday night. I scrambled on Wednesday (Sam's birthday) to put a poster together. The clients reviewed it and it wasn't what they needed.


So, yesterday morning I was up slamming coffee and in between putting breakfast on the table, and packing lunches I was scanning new (old as it turns out - historic photos) imagery and futzing with my files. By 10am I had a new file ready to go to the service bureau. I am running my new software - Illustrator CS3 and I struggled with the "glow" behind the heading. I eventually got it the way I wanted. Pshew.

Here is the final image. It's a 24 x 36 poster to display at the Wisconsin Film Festival activities at the Orpheum Theatre. The poster's mission is to request donations for a fund to restore the old marquee sign. I hope they get some tall coin.


Queen Bee Laurie said...

Whoo! Nice poster! I like the way the glow turned out! Pretty cool. I need to upgrade software on my end as well. I am so bad with change. I know eventually it will be for the better.

Wendy said...

Very nice - the glow looks great!

Jesse said...

I saw it last night at the Orpheum. Very nice work.

Queen Bee Amy said...

Thanks all.

Jesse, I finally went to the Orph to have a gander myself. They have free mussels with happy hour on Wednesdays. Who knew?