Friday, April 18, 2008

Productive (Midwest)

Another busy week is almost over. I'm almost done with the brochure project I've been working on, and I'm making progress on my custom wedding invitation project. I'm posting semi regularly to both Etsy shops. And, I squeezed in a haircut, a trip to visit my aging grandmother, and a doctor's appointment. Big sigh of relief that the weekend is almost here.

Last weekend I printed the above tags and cards. The image is from a old block I scored off ebay. I really like printing these vintage finds. The idea that I'm recycling and reusing appeals to me. Plus, as a design problem it's fun to think about how to design something new and current with something old. I carefully consider layout, stock choice, ink color and envelope selection. For instance, when I saw this block I knew it had to be printed on a scalloped card.

Sometimes I have helpers in my studio. Here's Sunnie helping with a shipment. She wants to eat packing peanuts. I don't let her and this makes her a little crazy. Of course she (and my kids) are banned from being around if there is any open ink. Little rat footprints all over the place would be worthy of photographing but a major bummer to clean up for sure.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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Wendy said...

The scalloped edges do look great with the print!