Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long Time No Post (Midwest)

It has been crazy busy here in my neighborhood. Too busy, in fact. Yesterday, I bagged on some extra curricular kid activities that we had signed up for. And, our whole household is now much, much more mellow. Or, maybe just me, but that's good enough.

I have a mother's helper for 3 hours today! Partay! (sorry for the lame 80's reference) I am using my time very efficiently.

Earlier I had an awesome printing fix. I cranked some John Mayer and savored the ink smells and clanking sounds of the press. Such fun to be in my own world. I printed some more "retro boy" cards. I nailed the ink color, amount and press pressure right away, so I was printing clean copies after about 6 sheets of waste paper. It was a good feeling.

After that I ran some blocks on some long strips of waste card stock (photo above). I plan to trim 50 bookmarks from these for goody bag freebies for the Craftacular, which is this Saturday at the High Noon Saloon in Madison.

On Thursday I will wrap up some soaps that Chrissy made for me and make little letterpress & soap gift sets for the fair, as well. I'm using the twig design from these cards and they look nice.

Finally, I am using my time to post and organize my to do lists for the next time I have childcare. Now, I must go make myself a snack and check in with my Mother's helper. She rules. Bye everyone!

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Nice bookmarks Miss Amy, I like your new block. Good luck this weekend at the Craftacular.