Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Moosday (Midwest)

Above: 10 Free Moo Cards came with my Flickr pro account. They make interesting card houses.

It's Tuesday. I'm adjusting to our new summer schedules and such. I have my brother from California visiting with his kids and my mom and stepdad, too. It's busy, but I'm still checking off action items from my to do list. Today I will order printing plates for my wedding clients. I'm excited to print their invites. I have a huge stack of blank paper just waiting for the job.

I ordered my business cards for handing out at the Craftacular. And, I printed up some letterpress soap labels. More on those and what they are for later. :)

Also, I've been having fun playing around with my new camera. I try to have it handy to snap some practice shots here and there. I'm pretty lousy at shooting people. Rarely do I get a shot where the part that is in focus is what I thought I was focusing on. I have so many pics that should be sharper. I did get a pretty decent shot of Sophie coming off the slip n' slide the other day. So, that was encouraging.

Finally, I'm working on some photos for our application to Renegade Chicago. We will attempt a joint application with Boh Bon Soap Co. So far I have shot a few table top scenarios of the soap. I have to shoot some shots with our cards next.

Tis time to get the kids suited up for swim team. Ta ta for now.

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