Sunday, June 08, 2008

Packaging Things Up (Midwest)

Today was a satisfying day. I had several Etsy orders from the end of last week to get to, a wholesale order to finish, and a messy desk to clean (you are thinking, why does this woman always have a messy desk?). Between rain downpours, which caused us all to stand at the window gaping, I got things in their proper envelopes and boxes. I even went to the post office on my way to the grocery store. Oh how I love it when business can co-mingle with home life smoothly. Joey put the air "ditioners" in the windows, and I put all our cold weather clothes into the attic. Yay for productivity. And, yay for summer.

Oh, I almost forgot to plug the shop that will be carrying our cards. It's the cutest little shop on State Street here in Madison. It's called Anthology. It's run by two very clever and creative women. You can ready their story here.

Ok Peeps. I have to fish a pizza out of the freezer and attend to the family.

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