Thursday, June 05, 2008

Teacher Gifts (Midwest)

If for no other reason, being a letterpress hobbyist certainly comes in handy. Especially when you need a last minute gift idea. I always have a pile of extra printings that will never be in the Etsy shop or at a craft fair. Not because they aren't "good enough", but because I only printed a few, or I have a limited amount on a certain stock, etc.

This week Sam finished his first year at preschool. We had 2 teachers, a lunch helper and the school director to thank. I tied up some card sets and affixed a hand made paper flower to the twine ribbon. Quick and simple, yet handmade and personal. I found the tutorial per this blog post. I started making paper flowers a few days ago to make a twig/vase/paper flower display to have at my craft fair table. But, after making oh, about 20, I realized they have many uses. These flowers have a simple elegance that really pleases me. They are this week's obsession.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

I love your gift idea with the rose, it looks so pretty! Nice job!