Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are the Planets Aligned? (Midwest)

I can't believe I didn't post about this when it happened.

Last Thursday Joey and I were out for dinner. I had the most amazing salad with truffle dressing at Lombardino's. But, that's not why I'm posting. Although I now see the salad as foreshadowing to the event that was soon to happen. Somehow we ended up at the mall. Usually we end up at the bookstore, but this time it was the mall. I made a beeline to Anthropologie losing Joey somewhere in the 40 feet journey from our car and the store. I milled about as usual grabbing things here and there, thrusting them at the nearest sales person, filling up a dressing room. I tried on and liked several items.

Now you may be thinking that a rockin outfit is my story's climax. But no.

I gave the clerk my 3 purchases and also the 50 or so things that didn't fit. Then, as I walked to the checkout table...I saw them...


Can you stand it?!? I am always on a quest for vintage letterpress anything. And, here they are at my favorite store? C'mon. Has the universe inverted?

When Joey finally hooked up with me again he asked suspiciously "What's in the bag?", and I said clothes and letterpress blocks, and I was right. Shopping karma for sure.


Queen Bee Laurie said...

Too cool! I can't believe they had type at Anthropology! That is funny. Best of both worlds!

Katrina said...

oh, anthropologie! they manage to keep right on the pulse, don't they? a friend of mine used to design windows for them and she said, "it's the anthropologie syndrome. everything looks so amazing in there you just want to buy it all. even when you can't afford it!" so true. it's so lovely, always. the design, the decor, the clothes, the entire wonderful world they create. and now... woodtype!!! sounds like a fun shopping trip for certain.