Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Symbol of Love (Midwest)

As we approach Valentine's Day I'm thinking this is a good time to have my wedding ring resized. It has fit me well for the last (approaching) 10 years. I even wore it through 3 pregnancies. In the past months it is getting tight. I haven't gained weight. The only thing I can think is that all this printing, cutting, working with my hands is making my hands larger. Is that possible? I guess a 4 1/4 ring size is pretty teensy to start out with and sizing probably won't be a problem. I'm hesitant to take it any old jeweler. This ring was hand made by a metal and jewelry artist in Santa Cruz. Laurie and her mom hooked us up with him. What to do. What to do.

On the letterpress front I was excited to see one of my prints hit the Etsy home page. It's an interesting grouping of products don't you think? I have had a lot of shop traffic due to the front page and Poppytalk. This is encouraging. Next week I will check in with some shops that carry my things and see about filling some more wholesale orders.

I am off to take Sam to the mall. We are going to look for more "animal shirts" for his little toddleresque torso. I'm hoping we don't walk past any Spiderman displays or we will never get to do what we are heading out to do.

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nidea said...

Hi! I found you through the "shop local" link on Etsy (I'm haleystudio there). I like your work!

For your ring, I had good success with repairs and resizing at Goodman's on State Street. Don't go to Chalmer's in Middleton.

Keep up the good work.