Monday, February 25, 2008

A (Midwest)

As I await the start of another school day I just had to take a minute to post this photo I took yesterday. This is a shelf in our bedroom. Of course it features my favorite color palette. The two letters "A" and "A" I bought from the happydashery on etsy. You have to at least go look at her shop banner and avatar. They really make me smile. Joey has always been the big collector in our house. I've been on a roll as of late collecting some things of my own like, letterpresses & vintage type. I am starting to think about organizing our home to showcase our found objects and small collections. We have had neglect a lot of decorating because of little hands. Our kids are getting older and I'm looking forward to having a more "grown up" home.

Yesterday I printed for a short while. I have a new work table (vintage from Germany per Joey on Valentine's Day) and my press isn't bolted to it yet, so there was too much creep. I had to stop. It would be terrible if that press slid off the desk and onto the floor (or me - yikes). It's a couple hundred pounds.

I did get a few impressions. I hope to do a larger run soon. This is "scribble bird".

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Nice print, I like the squiggle bird! You could do a branch, nest and eggs in the same squiggle style, and it might look really cute.