Friday, February 08, 2008

Is it Over? (Midwest)

The 14 inches of new snow temporarily complicated our lives here. I had a frantic and stressful print session on Wednesday while the kids were home for a snow day. The results were not as bad as my mood was. I'm letterpress printing sets of cards to (hopefully) sell at my table over at Poppytalk Handmade. The market starts Monday. Here's a peek at the cards. I know. I said I wasn't going to show you until Monday. But, the snow has changed my attitude and I'm planning ahead for unforeseen crisis. I may be shoveling on Monday instead of posting!

Yesterday Sam and I drove through the snow to meet Kate for a photo session downtown. Sam was excited about the parking garage and I was excited to get to shoot with one of Kate's cameras and her favorite lens. I'm sure my shots were out of focus and improperly exposed. Doesn't matter. It was fun. I'm also pleased to have a pal who has similar creative inclinations. We had a nice lunch chat over the fork banging of our two year olds about the commercial art industry, living in Madison, and our experiences that brought us to this point in our lives. I reminisced about my first graphic design internship and how that experience brought me to today. I was so lucky to talk my way into that first job so full of opportunity for me (that company now).


Wendy said...

The envelopes are beautiful -- I particularly like the mustard-y one. Beautiful blog :)

Linz said...

beautiful cards! i love the colours, and the tone on tone. the stress was well worth it :)

Ms. Fix said...

Hey Amy- I'm loving the color palette for that last set of cards. We have a friend in common- Joanna- and she turned me on to your blog, which I love. I was doing some surfing and thought you might like to look at another printer's work. Go here:

Queen Bee Laurie said...

Wow Amy, these new cards look great! I really like the color paper you have used. Very different, and pretty!

Queen Bee Amy said...

Thanks wendy and linz. I just loved these colors too, especially grouped together.

Ms.fix, Joanna did mention you. I've lurked your blog, but promise to leave comments soon. :)

Laurie, these papers were so pretty, I almost didn't want to print on them. I'm over that as you can see.