Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh Pickles! (Midwest)

For frick's sake, school is closed today! In Madison. Because of snow. Oodles of snow. That never happens! Just my luck. I need to work today. Rant. Scream. Curse. Goshnabbit! Ugh! I feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy has just yanked that football up into the air. The horror! Rats. Rats. Rats.

Ok. Maybe this will work out. I mean, if I send them out there in all this, they could get lost, right? Or, possibly stuck in a snowdrift. Hmmm. How am I going to survive the chaos that this day will surely bring? I have no projects lined up. No food in the fridge. Well, we'll just have to wing it. Where are my snowpants?

p.s. I'm not really a terrible person, please trust me on this one.

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