Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Family Member (Midwest)

I'm posting this post per the request of my family...

We are slowly inching our way up the pet responsibility ladder. We started about 4 years ago with Mo, the beta fish. Then, 5 days later, Mo II, the replacement beta fish. Now, 3 years later instead of Mo III, we are introducing Sunnie, the fancy rat (see image 3). She is adjusting to the little grabby hands of Sam (his representation of Sunnie - image 2). The overly zealous giggling and extra special dance moves in her honor from Sophie (image 1). And, the responsible, order making, primary caregiving, Hannah (too busy for the rat study drawing project suggested by her annoying mother). I haven't had much time to bond with our new pet, but come Monday when school is back in session I will spend some time with her on my lap. I'm sure the idea of a pet rat is pretty horrifying to some. I had a pet prairie dog for 7 years and have learned to love rodents. They are much cleaner than you would expect. And, the bigger ones are quite social. Here's hoping that she stays happy and healthy in our crazy house. Oh, and that she doesn't ever bite anyone.

My goal this weekend is to rid my house of little people and print up some new cards. I need a letterpress fix for sure. I'm getting over my virus and want to do something to make me feel better. I'm thinking of sending a link to this post to my husband. (hint. hint.) That may help my cause.

Enjoy your weekend all. Hopefully I will post images of new work on Monday.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

My crowd is anxiously awaiting Katie's class rat arrival in a few weeks. We are the happy rat sitters over the Easter break. Should be fun.