Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day! (Midwest)

So today, to celebrate Valentine's Day, we start out with an 8am trip to the kid's dentist.

What was I thinking?

I scheduled this appointment 6 months ago, and I guess I must not have considered the date. They are gonna love me for this one for sure. The day will be better later. Joey and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day umpteen years ago with a carpet picnic. There was this colossal snowstorm and we had Italian deli treats on a table cloth on the floor. We did this every year until we had kids, and then we started to include them. So, tonight we will build a fire, lay a tablecloth on the floor and eat expensive picnic foods with some goldfish crackers thrown in for good measure. There will be chocolate. It has become a much loved family tradition.

I have decided that part of my enthusiasm for lettepress printing needs to be tossed monetarily back into the community of small letterpress businesses. So, I'm starting by making quarterly (and then some) purchases from other letterpress vendors. Here is the first item I bought. It's a calendar from Don't Press Me. Each monthly card has a different color graphic. They all slide neatly onto this wooden base. It's very nice and the perfect size for my cluttered desktop.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

I love the calendar, and it is nice to hear you are still doing the S. Family Valentine's Day tradition with kids! Very cute! Our family tradition in boxes of See's Candies for all. And a yummy dinner. I always have like the floor picnic idea. Not so great with our little dog though.