Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Spring Yet (Midwest)

First my whine: It's flippin' -12 degrees outside! WHY!?! I think extreme snowfall records should be quite enough to deal with for one winter. Mother Nature what are you thinking? I do thank you for the lunar eclipse last night, though. That was pretty dope. Ok. Moving on...

I finished the promotional card for Kate this week. I love how a beautiful picture can make a design. Isn't this photo fantastic? I have more cards to complete for her if/when Sam is not tugging on my leg or driving his trains across my desk. We'll have to see how today goes.

I'm fighting some sort of kid initiated illness (again). My throat is scratchy and my voice is about an octave lower than usual. I sound like Kathleen Turner. Weird. I think I will take Sam out to buy some lemonheads today. (To help my throat in case you missed the connection.)

Finally I'm thanking a few blogs who have posted about my cards or mentioned my shop name. Thanks go to etsy-love, orangebeautiful, Haute Innovations, Indie Fixx, and mydesign scout. I'm very grateful for the support. And, I am enjoying reading new blogs.

Ok. I'm off to pack lunchboxes.

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