Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stuck (Midwest)

Today we have ICE. And rain, freezing rain, and sleet. Did you know that hail, freezing rain and sleet are all different things? Who knew. We have them all today. You could skate and swim in our driveway. Ice with a layer of rain. It's 20-something degrees out so I'm not sure why it's raining. But, it is. We can't go anywhere. At some point the rain is supposed to change to heavy snow. Oy.

This week I look forward to finalizing some graphic design work for Kate. And, starting a new project for The Madison Trust for Historic Preservation. I am loving having some design projects on my plate. Using my brain to think about things other than what to put in a lunch box. Finally!

Lastly, I checked my quiet Etsy shop this morning to find some major new views and hearts. Seems as if I was in another treasury that hit the front page. Exciting, and again, a very interesting grouping of products. Check out the crocheted cuff by irregularexpressions in the second row, middle. In fact, look at her shop. I love her method of free form crochet. Great colors and technique. Inspiring.


True Flies said...

at least the ice makes for some pretty photos. hope the thaw comes quickly. congrats on the etsy stuff, that's great. was an interesting grouping for sure!

Queen Bee Laurie said...

I love the icicle photo! The closest we get to that out here is frosty roofs and grass. That is so cool you are getting etsy buzz!