Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Blog (Midwest)

I'm posting to alert Laurie, and others interested in graphic design, to the blog link that I just listed in our Graphic Design Links and Design Blogs sidebar. I found Graphic Exchange via Flickr and am very pleased to see the beautiful photographs posted there about projects and graphic design agencies. As a visual person, I tend to frequent blogs with beautiful photos and often let the pictures talk for me. I sometimes don't stay to read. Time poverty and all. This looks like it will be a regular "read".

Since I'm posting about Graphic Design I'm going to put up a few shots of some design work per Print (Regional Design Annual 2007). First packaging from Charles Spencer Anderson (always reliable, good design).

And this logo by Tactix Creative for a pharmacy. I love the creative humor here. Whimsy is often a great thing.

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