Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gathering (Midwest)

This year I'm striving to be a little more organized or maybe more business-like with Bee13. I've been taking inventory of printed pieces, organizing supplies, etc. I'm mentally preparing to file my sales tax and also do some year end bookkeeping. It feels good to take care of these business loose ends. I also reviewed my paper catalog and got a large paper order placed today. I've ordered 3 new colored folding note stocks. I've always been comfortable mixing ink and printing on white papers. I'm going to challenge myself and see what happens when the paper already has a color, tone, value and saturation to it.

Aren't the colors above pretty? I seriously wanted to order them all. It was really difficult to stay in budget and stick to three colors. Of course I had to order envelopes in coordinating colors. So exciting.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

I love looking at the colors... I picked up some stuff to print on at paper source—yes, retail. The envelope colors I grabbed were curry, chartruse and pool. The stock for the cards is all lux white. I can't wait to try this stuff out... I still have a sick little boy home with me.