Sunday, January 20, 2008

What!?! It's Sunday Already? (Midwest)

It seems like I was just posting yesterday about having a relaxing Sunday. That was 7 days ago, and that means the week in between was busy (which it was), but it also means another weekend day to get some "me" things done. Perfect.

So, Joey took the kids to the Y to do calisthenics and burn off some energy. I love that he has them do high knees, grapevines, etc. It's super cold here, wait let me check yahoo... 1 teensy degree, so they need it big time. Can't play outside without freezing your face off. While they are gone I'm printing on my letterpress. I was up late last night gocco'ing my first layer on two batches of cards (Birthday and Thank Yous). Today, I letterpressed a second color on one of the designs. Tomorrow, time permitting, kids cooperating, I'll run the other card. Very fun. I took quite a few photos of my press inked and printing block locked. Here is one:

If you examine the photo you see all the packing which is the paper you use to elevate your printing surface to meet your block when you squeeze the press together. Also, the tape on the rails (far left) which you add to or take off to raise/lower your inked rollers to hit your block just right. These are things I have to fuss with each time I go to print. Variations on paper thickness, ink amount on the ink disc, block height, etc., happen. So these are the things you monkey with each printing (or at least with my press and my rookie skills) to get the "right" impression. It's a time consuming process, but very satisfying as if you are solving a puzzle. The only part that really bugs me is that you waste lots of paper testing prints.

Alright, I need to get back to my alone time. GO PACKERS!

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

This photo is perfect to show off all the packing needed to get a perfect print! I will be phoning you next week once I get my press set up to discuss all the technical details!