Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Printing Fix (Midwest)

WTF? You wonder. A second post in one day? Yes. It's true. All 3 kids and 1 husband were asleep by 7:30, so I put on some JT (simmer down, I can't help myself) and got to printing. I feel so much better. The knots in my neck are gone.

Here is a rather poor photo, with the lack of natural light and all, it's late people, of the first of 4 cards I have designed for 2008. Ideally, I'd like to have about 8 card designs. I think Laurie is working on more ideas on her end. I'm eager to see those.

Anyway, this card is my "love" card. I printed it first because Valentine's Day is a comin'. See I'm catchin on to how it works. I gocco'd the peachy pink cupid this afternoon and tonight I ran a hit of pms 185 red on my letterpress over the top. Let me tell you I really had to discipline myself in order to print pink with the red instead of my usual Robin's Egg blue. I used the magnesium block that I mentioned in the post below. I definitely like the printer's blocks better than photopolymer. The imprint is nice and crisp. There is some flippin' thin type in the design that printed pretty cleanly. Also, the heavier weight fonts have a nice hand-printed texture to them. The paper I'm running is 80 lb Esse by Gilbert Papers. It's partially recycled and has an interesting texture. It took the ink just fine. Tomorrow I will photograph some better shots and post to my Etsy shop.

Sleep tight everyone.


Queen Bee Laurie said...

You go girl! Nice work especially after hearing about your crazy day! I am itching to get started soon. I had my first lead to a press tonight. It is only a 3 x 5, but I am hopeful this is the first of many.

mipmup. said...

wow! i love these! just beautiful!

aab said...

the card is beautiful. i'm such a letterpress whore.

Queen Bee Amy said...

Thanks folks.

aab, heh heh, aren't we all?