Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday (Midwest)

It has been a nice week here even though outdoor temperatures have made my office super cold. Old houses with old windows. You get used to it. The kids had indoor recess at school every day this week. That makes for some crazy end of the day behaviors in our house. Today they had early release so we went to a local indoor pool, the one with 88 degree water, and got enough exercise to make up for the extra time inside. We are back now with pruney fingers, nibbling on bunny crackers and having some down time. Ah.

Earlier this morning Joey and I went to a local estate sale. I'll post photos of the items I scored after I have a chance to photograph them. I bought two prints by an artist named Gabrielle Brill. I tried to google some more info on her, but maybe I have her first name wrong, because I turned up nothing. Anyone?

Oh, I'm posting a photo of a treasury that I was lucky enough to be included in. The individual products look so good together. I like the graphic nature of the subjects. It's fun to see what people put together in treasuries. Gotta love Etsy.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Very nice image.