Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inspiration and a Class (West Coast)

This past Sunday I took a tabletop letterpress class up in San Francisco at the Center for the Book. I was really impressed with the Center, and the teacher of the class I took, Susan Angebranndt. If I had more time, this would be the place to hang out and explore. In a one day course I got a good basic guide to running a tabletop press. They had two models to try, a Pilot and a Kelsey. I worked on three notecards setting lead and wood type. It was really inspiring! I can't wait to get my press up and running!!!

This is my first attempt at setting a bit of lead type, and having a run on the press by myself. I love the impression in the paper from the lead. My camera can't capture it, but it is quite lovely!

This card was made with old wood type. I had to use type that was all the same height, to make it easier to set it in the form. I love the texture it make when it prints. I like that you see irregular coverage in the ink. Can't wait to print again!!!


Queen Bee Amy said...

Miss Laurie, you got so much accomplished in a one day class! I love what you created. Are you in love with letterpress print production yet? I think I need to schedule a flight out to Cali so we can print together. If I fill my suitcase with woodtype and furniture can you get some ink? :)

Queen Bee Laurie said...

I will get the ink! I am working on figuring out who has it locally. I need to pick your brain about what to get to start with.

Ben Leivian said...

Very inspiring. I need to find a class like that here in Arizona.