Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday R & R (Midwest)

It's Sunday morning and there is another batch of the fluffy white stuff on the ground. It smells like coffee and fireplace remnants from yesterday. There is talk of sledding and breakfast. This is the start of a lazy day.

The photo above highlights not only my mood, but the new socks my sister Mira sent me. She knit them using Gammy's famous sock pattern. They are very snuggy and perfect for a day like today. Thanks Mira!

Oh yeah, Laurie, I went ahead and put up the *new* masthead. We were going to tweak the type a little further, but I (as usual) got too excited and impatient, so I went ahead.

I'm off to have a relaxing day, probably the only one I'll get this week.



Queen Bee Laurie said...

Love the masthead! I think having some color up there is great! A relaxing day... What is that? Snow sounds nice. It's cold out here, but not that cold. We are enjoying fires in our fire place though.

Queen Bee Laurie said...

Nice Socks!!!