Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Midweek (Midwest)

As usual, I have been up since about 5 am. Those who have known me for more than a decade will still be stunned knowing that I'm an early riser now. I have NEVER been a morning person. But, with kids and the business the day brings, I find it a nice time to sit, read, and sip. This is the time of day I catch up on blogs, do paperwork, or go to the gym.

This morning I went over to Print and Pattern. This is my all time favorite blog. It is always inspirational and I never feel that it is just a large advertisement for the blog writer or the things she showcases. I read, and I feel like sketching and designing. I followed P&P's links to this Japanese shop. The images I'm posting are of products they carry. I especially like the rubber stamps. Laurie and I used to design and have stamps made that we would use for business purposes. For instance, we used to stamp all our invoice envelopes with a stamp that had a bee and said "Ouch that stings!". Grownups playing with rubber stamps. Always good!

This week I have to spend some production time making changes to a brochure for our local preschool, make some name/text changes to newly married Joanna's business cards, and print a new batch of letterpress cards. I'm wondering how it can be Wednesday already, and how I will fit this on to my calendar. But, at the same time I'm eager to get to it all. I love my job(s)!

Here's a peak at the magnesium die I had made (free!) for my Valentine's Day Love card. I'm testing metal plates verses photopolymer to see which leaves a cleaner imprint.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Great bee paper! I have to get started on my cards as well. Work seems to creep into my day more and more. I have to put my projects on the schedule too!