Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outside My Window (Midwest)

For those of you who aren't in the Wisconsin, you are missing a spectacular snowstorm. It's been snowing about an inch and hour since late morning. Sam and I have been out twice. Our entry is littered with wet mittens and puddles. We plan to pick up kids from school via sled not car. This is part of why we moved back to Wisconsin from California. I wanted my kids to have winter memories similar to mine from childhood. LET IT SNOW!

For those who have sent me emails wondering about my studio space I'm posting a shot from our front yard taken earlier today at the onset of the snow. The right bank of three windows is the South facing wall of my office. It's a 10' x 14' sunroom with windows all along 3 walls. The light in the room is amazing. I should probably thank Joey for letting me have the sunroom. His office is in the basement (neener neener). Some sunny day I'll photograph the interior.

Finally, I'm thanking Jan over at Poppytalk for posting about my "love" card. She has sent a good deal of traffic to my Etsy shop. I've sold several cards already. Here is one of the card orders all ready to be shipped. I try to include a freebie with every Etsy purchase. Usually, it's a hangtag or two as is the case in this order.

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Queen Bee Amy said...

DOH! Typo. Thanks Gilbert! You hang around Joey too much.